The news isn’t corrupted enough by the government and big business.


Now, to keep all news “fair and unbiased,” the government will have to step in.  They haven’t run the news enough over the last 30, 40, or 200 years.  Indiana Governor, Mike Pence thinks it’s high time that the government officially get into news running.  Being behind the scenes, pulling the strings just isn’t enough anymore.


Kanye West – Douchebag Award


I made this pic days ago, but I’m bored enough right now and have nothing else to blog about.  I thought I would share this pic I made and the story behind it.

It is very rare that someone wins both the Dumbass Award and the Asshole Award in one day, but let’s give it up for Kanye West! He demanded that 2 fans, 1 in a wheelchair and 1 with a prosthetic leg, get up and dance at a concert in Australia! That takes a special kind of stupidity and a superb level of being completely oblivious to everything around you!


Let’s all give Kanye “Douchebag” West a big round of applause!

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Spoof of Fox News


This is a spoof I made of a recent Fox News story, but I don’t think that it’s blown too far out of proportion.

A Fox anchor stated that Gazans use the tunnels that go from Gaza to Israel in order to travel to Jordan to kidnap Jordanians.  That is one hell of a long journey, clear across Israel, and it’s amazing that Jordan has issued no response to it.

I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican.  I seldom point out the stupidity of those on either side, but on such a blunder as this, I have to do so.

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