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I’m offering my story, “The Ring,” 100% free!

Nunzio Calabrisi is investigating the disappearance of his great-uncle, 71 years later. He goes to the one man that was with his uncle when he went missing, while they were on leave during World War II. All that the man can give him is a ring and the skeletal remains of the finger that the ring was on at the time. Nothing makes any sense, and no concrete evidence seems possible to be found.

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my new poem – Tell Me Why


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Here is an excerpt.


You meant more to me
Than the ones before.
Tell me why.
You were no better than them,
But I loved you more.
Tell me why.

I die day by day.
Tell me why.
I don’t mind
That you’re now away.
Tell me why.
I almost want to love to hate
That you’ve been gone for forever,
And an eternity longer, I will have to wait.
Tell me why.Tell Me Why