The news isn’t corrupted enough by the government and big business.


Now, to keep all news “fair and unbiased,” the government will have to step in.  They haven’t run the news enough over the last 30, 40, or 200 years.  Indiana Governor, Mike Pence thinks it’s high time that the government officially get into news running.  Being behind the scenes, pulling the strings just isn’t enough anymore.


Reading our e-mails and listening to our phone calls isn’t enough?


Americans, make sure that you go nowhere at all and do nothing at all because, more and more, everything you do makes you suspect to the government, even washing your car, mowing your lawn, or breathing.  In an effort to “combat drug traffickers,” the know-all U.S. govt. has been tracking the movements of your vehicles, yes, your vehicles.  Your cell phone is traced and tracked, so is your car, as are your e-mails and all web activity.  The govt. wants to make sure that you don’t go anywhere, do anything, or say anything that they don’t like.  If they could find a way to monitor all speech and even thought, they’d sure as hell do it.

THEY – short horror story


I was going to wait until the book that this story is to be a part of was to be released, but it’s taking too long, so I released it on my own on Amazon.  It will still be available in the upcoming Ashtrays to Jawbreakers book.


The Robsons, Vernon and Michelle, think that getting their new home is the best thing that could have ever happened to them; however, they soon learn that there is much more to its old-fashioned charm, much more lurking beneath its floorboards and in its shadows. The house is a gateway, a keep of souls, those within it waiting for their opportunity to once more find vessels to inhabit. Will Vernon sacrifice himself to save his family? Will his son forever remain the key to it all? wooden building

Eternal Desire


Eternal Desire

Eloias has waited nearly seven centuries to find his wife. Now that he has found her, will she refuse his advances and fight his offer of becoming the immortal Queen of all the world? Will she save mankind or damn it for eternity?

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Eternal Desire.