Liars, Thieves, and Copyright Whores


How many of you fellow authors, poets, artists, musicians, etc. ever had someone claim that one of your works is theirs and demand that you relinquish all claims to it? I have someone that won’t stop harassing me, saying that something I wrote is theirs, that they put it on craigslist, and that I stole it and copyrighted it. I’ve never done anything so preposterous in my life, and I don’t need to. I do own the copyright, and I know for a fact I wrote what this idiot is claiming to have written. Who knows? There may be some similarities between my work and what they claim is theirs, or it might only be the same name. So what? I never read anything by that name before. They’re throwing a fit about this, but guess what? Since I own the copyright, oh, they can’t do jack about this. I lost my temper with them and said some things I somewhat regret. Some people, though, just make you want to beat them with a bat.


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