How misguided is society that you can’t fight for your rights?


Authors are told constantly not to complain, not to bitch, not to rant, not point out the indecencies being faced on a daily basis, all because it will create a negative public image.  An author that complains about anything whatsoever, even so much as a nursing home physically abusing his/her grandmother, is only asking for negative publicity and an end to his/her writing career.

How did our society become so misguided that a person cannot stand up for himself/herself and fight for his/her rights, especially the right to be heard?  Let’s say that someone all of a sudden makes a claim that an author’s written work is plagiarized.  The author knows that he/she wrote the work in its entirety and that there is not even the slightest ground for claiming said plagiarism.  The person making the claim is trying only to make a name for himself/herself, cause drama, and have fun at someone else’s expense, though they know that they are, in fact, a liar and a thief, the very things that they are claiming against the author.

If the author stands up to that person, says, “Hey.  I know that I wrote every bit of it.  I’ve never stolen anything in my life.  I own the copyright…” the author is a horrible person, and if they take it so far as to point the other person out to others, they are even worse.  The author cannot stand up for his/her rights because doing so will label that person as a whiny, good-for-nothing dreg. I am going through exactly this experience right now.  The person is saying that she will expose me for a simple poem, something that I wrote 100% of myself and never made any money from.  In fact, I’ve never made a cent from any single poem and only a few dollars (literally) off of entire books of poetry.  Why would I go to such lengths for such small returns that are not even worth the time at all?  This is not to mention that anyone that knows me can and would attest that I am not a thief and that I am creative enough and intelligent enough to write my own material without stealing one bit from anyone else.

I will not stand for this lambasting made by this idiot who has literally no grounds whatsoever for her claim that my poem, “Somewhat My Heart” is hers and not mine.  She says that I stole it from  First of all, I’ve rarely ever read anything on, especially in the missed connections sections (I think that’s where she said she posted the poem).  Also, I don’t visit pages outside of my immediate geographical area, so the entire claim is false, solely on that alone.  I rarely visit the site at all, but if I do, usually just out of extreme boredom, I only go to the Terre Haute, IN page and to the Mattoon, IL page.  I don’t even know where the person making the claim lives, but I highly doubt that she lives in my area.

I will no longer put up with stupid b.s. like this.  I will fight for my rights.  I will stand up for myself.  I will not listen to people who tell me not to take a stand because it creates negative publicity. Forget that.  I’m done listening to the advice of others.  I have to do what’s right for me and fight for the rights given to me by God and by the laws of the United States of America.  The consolation in all of this is that I own the copyright to the poem in question, and therefore, legally, no one can do anything to me whatsoever.  However, it is all still a painful hassle, and the person whose name I should mention but won’t is going to do all that she can to make me look bad because of this ordeal.  I say go ahead.  You’ve made your stupid and completely faulty point, and I’ve made my truthful and rightful point to counter your idiotic words, Lady.

To everyone out there fighting for your rights to your own creative material, I say more power to you!  Don’t give up!  If you make it, it’s yours, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or try to make you feel bad!  Though there are instances of copyright misuse in which someone has gotten screwed over, quite often, it works to the benefit of the person or persons who created the work(s) to safeguard them against morons who try to trick the creator(s) into relinquishing their legal rights.  If you are a creator, don’t fall for it.  These thieves will try to take everything that’s yours, but that’s only because they are in no way talented enough to create anything of their own.  Keep on keepin’ on, my friends.


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