Battle for the Net – Need for Net Neutrality


If it says at all how bad the internet has already gotten, the website,, hardly works.  You can go to and send a message to your Congressperson and/or Senator to tell them why they need to fight for net neutrality.  Internet connections and abilities are already horrendous.  Do you really want the big 4 cable companies to be able to charge every website for internet use and put everyone who doesn’t pay up into internet “slow lanes?”  Imgaine the internet as bad as it is.  Now, imagine that nearly every site you ever go to loads, displays, and allows your interaction at the speed of dial-up while the really big websites work as they do now or better.  Imagine that none of your personal sites will work.  Imagine that every blog, every author site, nearly all social networking sites, streaming sites, even Grandma Esther’s cookie recipe site, works so slowly that you give up on ever using the internet.  You can help do something about this.  Help fight Comcast, Time Warner, AT & T, and Verizon.  Sign the letter.  Send a comment to your idiot in Congress.


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