My Free Story – “Let’s Make This Believable”


My story, “Let’s Make This Believable,” entered in the Vol. 2-38 Flash! Friday writing contest. It didn’t win, but here it is. The story had to be 160 words maximum, which is exactly what it is.

Let’s Make This Believable

It’s funny what the public will believe. With some well-trained actors, a crew of hundreds, some hard work, and just tens of millions of dollars for a sound stage, lighting, costumes, makeup, a few well-painted pieces of “equipment,” cameras, and a large tank of water, one can easily create decades of intense gullibility. Sure, a few might ask questions one day, but that was hardly the concern of those running the NASA film studio.
“Let’s make this believable, Boys,” the director shouted from his cloth-draped chair. He knew that he was special because his chair said, “Director” on it.
“This is entirely uncomfortable,” retorted Bob Billings as he bobbed up and down in the water.
“The best stuff always is,” answered the director with a smirk. “Now, pretend you buy that ship in the background and all those clouds painted behind you.”
“Are we getting paid scale for this,” demanded another actor.
“Don’t make me laugh” was all he heard.



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