Writing Contest


Hello.  I thought this would be a fun interactive thing to try on my blog and hopefully, it will get other authors involved. I think that this should be something considered for other authors to try, instead of the typical, often boring interviews that authors post of other authors.  How about we have a writing contest?  

Simply write a 100-300 word story about the picture contained herein, and post it in the comments.  I don’t have any prizes to give away, although, if I do this enough, and it gets enough attention, there may be something one day.  For now, it gets you a bit of recognition, allows everyone to have fun, and of course, it allows you to feature something on someone else’s blog.  Along with the story, post your twitter handle, website, facebook page link, whatever you want.  Who knows?  You might just get a few new fans out of this.  At some point in the near future, I’ll end the contest and allow voting via comments.  Have fun with it.  Write whatever comes to mind, in keeping with the picture. 


Funny Cats Hd Wallpapers_7


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