Fellow authors, you’ll understand this.





Have you ever noticed how quick others are to judge your work for the slightest problem(s) they see?  Have you paid attention to who these people are, rarely a fellow author, rarely someone who could ever do the same thing themselves?  They are so snappy to pass judgment, but have they done with their own lives?  What have they achieved?  What work have they done?  Where does their supposed right come from, and how justified is it?  Some people feel that their only purpose in life is to tear down the work and/or happiness of others.  That is their goal, their entire way of being.  Maybe I’m ranting here, but if you are an author, a publisher, a blogger, an artist, a musician, an actor, anyone who does anything at all creative, you know what it is that I’m talking about.  Enough said.  Have a good day, and may you be able to just say to hell with them.   Judge-and-Jury


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