The problem of the Indie author


I enjoy the craft of writing so much that when I am not writing, I am thinking about writing. It is my passion, the great love of my life. The ability to create is a gift; however, the bad thing about being an Indie author is that you spend more time editing, self-publishing, and promoting than you do actually writing.


One thought on “The problem of the Indie author

  1. Steve

    Jason, I came across your story, “Masquerade of Death,” on ACX a few days ago, on 9/3. I’m an indie author and narrator myself who’s been self-publishing via Amazon since 2013, but am very new to ACX. Since 9/4, I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload my audition for “Masquerade.” I’ve followed the instructions, of course, but they only cast me into an infinite loop: “Log in to upload your completed audition.” But I’m already logged in. So I just click the link, anyway, and lo and behold, I’m right back to where I began: on my own author/project page. Then I go to search for your title and it’s no longer there (in the results). So I copy and paste the link to your title page. But then I’m faced with the same useless “Audition” tab with the same useless “log in to submit your completed audition” message/instruction. Any advice? Can I simply e-mail you my audition or something?

    P.S. I began to suspect that perhaps your title was no longer appearing in the returns as of 9/5 because you’d already hired a narrator. But then I checked out brand-new releases and, but for the presence of a “THIS TITLE IS ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS” box with a message button (to write the author a message, not to submit an audition), they’re all the same as your “Masquerade” page: i.e., no way to actually upload an audition.


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