Come Save Me – Let Me Be


This was written on July 9, 2014.

Maybe it will all be better tomorrow.

Maybe things won’t have to be this way.

Maybe, at the edge of all of this sickness and sorrow,

Is the dawn of some brighter day.


I don’t feel like I can go on any longer.

I don’t know just how to make this right.

The pain and the strain of a loss of hope

Getting only stronger

Is strangling me ever so tight.


I’m on the verge of giving up on life altogether,

Leaning over a precipice.

I’m pushing and inching further and nearer,

And if I go off of the ledge, it could be better.

It sometimes seems the only offering of relief,

And if I try, I won’t miss, and me, you won’t miss.


I see only clouds that are gathering,

Never again to part.

All that’s allowed in this place that I hardly can fathom

Is room for a tortured soul and a bitter heart.

If I could plead, come save me,

I might just believe that someone could

Come save me.


I know if I leave, I’ll be quickly forgotten.

I won’t matter one more hour.

I will be decaying, rotten; I won’t care.

It already matters so little now or

Then or now and again.

Maybe there should be no more delaying, no more

Misery I am so easily caught in; I won’t care.


After years of trying too hard,

I’ve amounted to less than you.

I’ve mattered to less than few.

Doing so much and running so fast

That I am so lost in nothingness and looking to pass,

I fall so far behind.

I’m all in my mind.

I’ve made a life that is worth only misery,

And I’ve only been someone for only me.

I wish that there was anyone to care enough

To come save me,

But they all just – let me be.


With no one to count on, I’ll just leave.

There isn’t one in this world

To come save me.

Goodbye to you, and don’t you say

Goodbye to me.


Just do your part, and – let me be.


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